Key Management Protocol for the Decentralized Web

Tenzorum is the unstoppable machine for self-sovereign key management and access to the decentralized world.

What is Tenzorum?

A Multi Purpose Key Management Protocol

1.Access Control

Seamless access to Blockchain products and services through an unstoppable decentralized platform.

2.Recovery Mechanism

Web-Of-Trust powered framework that avoids catastrophic events.

3.General Modules

Infrastructure to connect Tenzorum modules to multi-ledger applications, exchanges and services.

Tenzorum provides the infrastructure to allow every user to interact with decentralized applications across multiple chains. It manages keys, access and is being built from the ground up to enable an user-experience friendly ecosystem of Blockchain powered products and services.


Overlaying Network

Overlaying Network

Tenzorum Infrastructure


IMO the #1 user experience need for crypto continues to be secure key management solutions. Multisig, scorched earth vaults(...) hardware wallets, all good, but lots of work UI side.

Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum Founder

Why Tenzorum?

The "key" problem has to be solved

On the Blockchain

The future is decentralized. Regardless of its undeniable positive impact on society, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies have not been widely adopted by the early majority of the consumer population due to high technological friction in terms of usability, risk management, basic security mechanisms and seamless integrations.

Keys are the fundamental element of user-experiences on the web 3.0. Today, the mechanism by which users manage and interact with their keys is broken. It is painful and frightening to use Blockchain applications. Tenzorum is set to change that.


An Independent Network For Access

Tenzorum Service Node Network

TSNN is the unstoppable machine that run independently of any central service provider and executes the essential business logic associated with key management protocols.

Execute Key Verification and Encryption Tasks

Securing a self-sustaining public utility for the future of the decentralized web.

Facilitate Blockchain Integrations

Unique implementation of social features with proven cryptography to facilitate a safe and reliable integration ecosystem on Tenzorum Protocol.

Issue Network Incentives

A progressive crypto-economic system designed as inclusive and equitable planetary economy.


Fundamental Concepts

Secret Sharing

Every key in the network is encrypted using a Quantum proof and cryptanalytically unbreakable algorithm.

Web of Trust

Users in the network verify each other's keys in order to maintain network integrity and security.

Public Utility

Tenzorum Network will bring self-sovereign access where people will be able to decide what role they want to play in the crypto-world.

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Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Key Management

The Platform for
Decentralized Access

Designed using the user-centric philosophy. Built for usability, security and convenience, to become the unstoppable foundation of an ecosystem of user-friendly Blockchain products. Tenzorum will enable people an easy and simple way to interface with their keys to access decentralized networks and services.


Decentralized Key Manager

Platform to secure your ownership in Web 3.0.

Seamless Login Abstraction

Seamless access to decentralized products.

General Integration Modules

Integration with various Blockchains, Wallets, DEXs.

Multi-Ledger Browsing

Infrastructure to support 100x better user experience.

Real people, building real things

Community Partners

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A grass-roots community initiative

Core Members


Moritz Neto 莫里茨 Co-founder

Stanford ASES Entrepreneurship Fellow, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker, and Product Developer.


Daniel Bar 丹尼尔 Co-founder

Physics and Nanoeletronics MSc, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Chairman bitfwd community, Product Manager.


Regio Michelin Blockchain Architect

PhD researcher in Distributed Networks and Blockchain Implementations, Agile Methodologies.


Sonic Zhang Global Crypto Partnerships

Founder and CEO of ValueNet Capital and ValueBank Group. Advisor in Celsius Network, and Blockchain Centre.


Radek Ostrowski Blockchain Engineer

MSc in High Performance Computing. Applied Protocol Engineer. Smart Contract Auditor.


Mark Pereira Full Stack Developer

Blockchain Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Open source advocate and UX Specialist.


Tom Terado 汤姆 Community Manager

Blockchain Analyst, Community Manager at bitfwd, VR, Dapps and Chatbots developer.


Mel Ran 冉玥 Crypto Community Partnerships

UNSW Global Startup Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, China Market Expert, DFAT Aus-China Diplomacy Honoree.


Max Parasol Strategy and Communications

Startup strategist, lawyer, lecturer on China's innovation ecosystem,  Open source advocate. 

Sen Wang China Community Manager

Entrepreneur, Writer, Joined the Bitcoin Investors Community in 2013.



Lon Wong Former President of NEM Foundation, President at ProximaX

Instrumental Contributor of the design of NEM Blockchain Solution


Anastasia O. Andrianova Advisor at Web3 Foundation. Founder at Akropolis.io

Fund Manager, Member of Blockchain Ecosystem Network, Oxford University.


Yan Michalevsky Cyber Security Advisor

PhD Stanford Boneh Cryptography Lab, YCombinator Alumni, CTO Anjuna.


Kai Chen CEO at Olympus Labs

Magna Cum Laude Yale University, Morgan Stanley, PIMCO at McKinsey.


Prof. Aelita Skarazauskiene Social Technology Advisor

Head of Social Technologies Lab, Mykolas Romeris University.

The decentralized future is about people

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Tenzorum is a real Open-Source project created by a global grass-roots community of Blockchain Developers, Engineers, Designers, Academics, Economics and Crypto Enthusiasts to make decentralized technologies truly accessible to everyone. You can become part of the community contributing with ideas, feedback, code, design, support and spreading the word about Tenzorum Project.